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Ajanta & Ellora Caves

Aurangabad - India 

Ajanta and Ellora Caves  dated back 2nd Century CE and 5th Century CE , elaborate  structures carved from the mountains.Its utter brilliance and rock cut caves containing  Art & Sculptures of the Buddha . Ajanta has  30 caves and Ellora 34 rock cut caves.The caves contains historic features of Hinduism ,Jainism & Buddhism .

Video by -Incredible India -Indian Toursim Board

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Mountains are calling !!! get up to witness some serious snow clad mountains or try some thing new like sky diving  ,scuba diving ,wild road trips .We have the locations set your next adventure destinations

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 Outdoor Luxury Nepal
Tiger Mountain Lodge -Pokhara 

Book your adventures to the Himalayas

India -Nepal- Tibet -Bhutan

Step Into the Wild  ,the Himalayas is the sixth longest mountain chain on earth stretching approx at 2576 km. Situated along the Asian mountain ranges of Afghanistan / Pakistan/ India plus Tibetan plateau /Bhutan /Myanmar .It holds a number of the high altitude mountain ranges from highest of all Mount Everest (8,848 meters ),Mount Kailash , K2 , Manaslu are few  8,000 meters peaks.The Himalayas holds the 3rd largest deposit of snow in the world ,first & second being Antarctica and Arctic. Also the Siachen glacier located between India / China & Pakistan is the largest glacier outside the poles.

Mount Kailash  - 17 days
Mount Everest Base Camp -16 Days
Annapurna Circuit Trek -14 Days

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 Outdoor Luxury Andaman
Havelock Island -South India 


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